Located in the famous building of The Three Sisters, at Bordoo we offer our personal rendition of Baltic and especially Estonian gourmet cuisine with an innovative gastronomic take on traditional cooking methods, fine local produce and the legacy of our shared food heritage.

Bordoo is not only about truffles, foie-gras, sun-dried tomatoes and black olives. We explore our regions discovering outstanding foods and bringing them back to Estonia. Our menus feature fresh, regional and seasonal delights.

Details doesn't just mean the correct way to slice a fillet or how a dish is presented, it is just as much about quality. There are only two factors involved in the making of food: raw produce and preparation.

We always continue to look out for new sources of inspiration in Estonia - and in the Baltic countries as well - to ensure reliable sources of top-quality produce.

Above all, we want to be thorough in all that we do. We pay careful attention to the qualities of our culinary heritage, but we also aim to create something brand new. We comb the countryside for berries, mushrooms and herbs that others would not bother with and work with foods that aren't part of any system of formalized cultivation and consequently cannot be obtained through ordinary channels of distribution.

We do our own baking, salting, smoking, pickling, drying and grilling. We also prepare our own chocolate. And we certainly use state-of-the-art kitchen appliances and techniques, since we are just as concerned with the textures of our food as any other world-class restaurant.

When in season, fresh vegetables, herbs, spices and wild plants play a prominent role in our dishes.

Cooking at Bordoo is fairly ambitious. Estonian cuisine must possess certain purity, an essential simplicity, and we firmly believe that the cuisine has significant health benefits to offer as well. All these values are reflected in our menus, in the composition and presentation of each dish and in the planning and preparation that underlies it all.


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