Chef's tasting menu

4-course menu “Water” 44 €
Oyster and broth - From the Oven - Monkfish and crab - Skyr and merigue
4-course menu “Land” 44 €
Tartar and cabbage - Beef tongue and parsnip - Liivimaa beef and ramsons - Field tastes
6-course menu 66 €
Oyster and broth - From the Oven - Wild mushroom soup - Celeriac - Saaremaa roe deer and early cabbage - Bird's milk cake

Starters and Soup

Oyster and broth 9 €
Almond crusted oyster, black salsify puree, dashi broth
Beef tongue and parsnip 9 €
Grilled beef tongue, parsnip foam, oxtail jus
Duck broth and scallop 9 €
Duck сonsomme, kimchi ravioli, pickled scallop *L
Mosaic 12 €
Сod and salmon ballantine, smoked cream cheese, potatoes, cucumber sorbet*G
Carpaccio and foie gras 12 €
Märjamaa lamb, pickled chanterelles, mustard seeds, kale cabbage *L, G

Main courses

Celeriac 13 €
Vegetarian dish made entirely of celeriac: fried steak, puree, crunch, broth
Flounder and yellow beetroot 17 €
Steamed Iceland flounder, baked yellow beets, dried egg yolk, tomato butter sauce *G
Sea bass and crab 19 €
Sea bass, crab croquet, salsify puree, green peas
Järveotsa stuffed quail 20 €
Quail stuffed with foie gras mousse, hay cooked early carrot, cowberry sauce *G
Matured Liivimaa beef and bone marrow 24 €
Matured for 21 days and cooked on charcoals entrecote, cep ragout with bone marrow, carrot puree
Saaremaa roe deer andearly cabbage 25 €
Saaremaa roe deer, grilled red cabbage, mushroom porridge, rosemary sauce


Skyr and mernigue 7 €
Frozen skyr, berries jam, meringue, *G
Classic 7 €
Chocolate cake, chocolate crumb, homemade vanilla ice cream
Bird's milk cake 8 €
Bird's milk cake, chocolate, biscuit
Cheeses selection 14 €

L — does not contain lactose
G — does not contain gluten

  • Mosaic


  • Oyster and broth

    Oyster and broth

  • Carpaccio and foie gras

    Carpaccio and foie gras

  • Matured Liivimaa beef

    Matured Liivimaa beef

  • Flounder and yellow beetroot

    Flounder and yellow beetroot

  • Skyr and mernigue

    Skyr and mernigue

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